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A contract is a voluntary agreement between two or more parties which creates legal obligations between the parties. Breach of contract occurs when one party fails to honor their part of the agreement. In the Wild West the resolution of such a dispute would have been a shoot off. In our times, breach of contract provides a cause of action and a legal remedy in the form of a law suit against a breaching party.
There are many types of contractual breaches that vary in scope and complexity with variety of remedies available. There are some instances where a breaching party has a valid reason for not honoring their part of the bargain such as an impossibility to perform or significant change in circumstances. At Tison Law Firm we offer a free consultation to determine what legal options are available to you, and what defense strategies can be implemented to get the relief you deserve. As Fort Lauderdale Breach of Contract Attorneys we know Florida contract law inside and out. Our goal is to conclude your dispute as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. That means that we will use all the resources available to us to try and resolve the dispute without setting a foot in a courtroom. There are times, however, where negotiations are fruitless, and parties can’t reach the middle ground. If lawsuit is the best option, our firm will quickly and efficiently file a complaint and will proceed to a trial if necessary.
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