1. What is personal injury protection (PIP)?
Personal Injury Protection Coverage (PIP) is insurance coverage which is required of every driver who owns and operates a car or truck in the State of Florida. PIP will pay any personal injuries arising from the accident up to the limits of the policy, regardless of who was at fault in the accident.

2. How do I know if I have PIP coverage?
If you own and operate a motor vehicle in Florida the law requires you to maintain PIP coverage.  The declarations page of your insurance policy will show you in most cases how much coverage you have.

3. What if the accident was my fault?
PIP benefits are paid regardless of who is at fault.

4. Who else is covered under my policy?
The named insured is covered as well as all relatives living in the same household. Persons driving the insured vehicle, passengers and pedestrians may also be covered.

5. I’m a medical provider. What action can I take to make sure that our bills are paid by our patient’s insurance company?
In many cases, the patient has, or will, execute an assignment of benefits from their PIP policy to you. In such cases, you have the same rights to implement the policy as the patient did before the assignment was made. Contact us for a free consultation on your situation.

6. I’ve received a letter from my insurance company informing me of an “Independent Medical Examination” by another doctor. What should do?
Your policy may require you to attend the exam or jeopardize having your benefits terminated. However, under Florida law, PIP benefits cannot be terminated unless the insurance company receives an independent medical examination report from another doctor licensed in the same profession as your doctor which states that treatment is not reasonable, related, or necessary. Usually, treatment is cut off after such an exam. Contact us for a free consultation on your situation.

7. My insurance company has refused to pay for any more treatment. What can I do?
This is exactly the type of case that we handle. In many cases, we can bring a suit against the insurance company and have your benefits reinstated and your doctors paid.

8. What does this cost?
Nothing. We handle PIP cases on contingency. If we are successful in recovering your benefits, the insurance company will pay our fees. If we are unsuccessful in recovering your benefits, you will owe nothing. You will never be billed from our office.

9. How long do I have to file a PIP lawsuit?
The statute of limitations is 5 years. This means we can go back 5 years to collect on unpaid or unlawfully reduced PIP benefits.

10. How do I start a PIP lawsuit?
Feel free to call (954) 278-3290 or email us at info@myflattorney.com. We can let you know if we will be able to assist you in handling your PIP claim.

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