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Being burnt, is often described as one of the most intense and painful experiences a person can undergo. Burns are generally classified as follows: first degree, second degree and third degree burns depending on the amount of damage and medical care required.
First-Degree Burn Injury
First degree burns are when only the top layer of skin is damaged and is the lowest in severity a person can sustain. Typically, a first degree burn injury will result in minor skin redness and swelling along with minor pain and doesn’t require medical attention.
Second-Degree Burn Injury
A second-degree burn occurs when the burn injury penetrates below the top layer of skin known as the dermis. Second-degree burns are more severe than first-degree and can result in blistering. Second-degree burns require medical attention and will result in pain and swelling.
Third-Degree Burn Injury
Third-degree burns – the most severe classification are when all layers of the skin are damaged resulting in charred skin as requires immediate medical attention.
If you or a loved on have suffered personal injuries as the result of a burn due to someone elses negligence contact our Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury attorneys.

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