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South Florida is a home for people of many different nationalities and cultures. This melting pot of nationalities and cultures creates a need for immigration attorneys who know the law inside and out and can help represent people in their time of need. At the same time, the need for immigration attorneys creates a perfect foundation for fraud and deception. There are a lot of “document help” companies who fraudulently misrepresent themselves as attorneys and law firms and mislead people into believing that their case is being handled by a licensed lawyer. In reality, majority of these “document help” companies significantly overcharge clients and do not offer any real help because they lack any knowledge of immigration laws and procedures. The damage that is done by these companies could result in severe sanctions, long delays of your applications, and even deportation.
At The Tison Law Firm we can resolve all your immigration problems including the harm done by “document help” companies who pretend to be experts in immigration law. Our firm offers very competitive prices and hiring us likely will cost you less in the long run than wasting your money with impostors. We can help you in many areas of immigration law including:
J1 Visa Home Residency Waivers
Work Permits
Status Changes
Status Adjustments
Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Visas
Permanent Residence (Green Cards)
Deportation and more!
Immigration procedures can be very convoluted and complicated with many intricate forms and deadlines. Immigration laws constantly change, and minor details can make or break your case if it is not prepared by a knowledgeable attorney.
Many of our staff members have personal experience with the immigration process which they can share with you to make your interaction with USCIS more pleasant. We understand how stressful and frustrating dealing with immigration can be. At The Tison Law Firm we do much more than just fill out your forms and mail them out. We stand by your side and represent you from start to finish to ensure that your case is resolved in the most effective and time efficient manner.

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