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At Tison Law Firm we have the knowledge and experience to resolve most types of insurance disputes as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. As Fort Lauderdale Insurance Litigation Attorneys we deal with insurance companies all day, every day and we know how to get the most out of them so that you get the compensation that you deserve.
Majority of insurance companies only care about their bottom line and how much money they can save my giving you the run around. Insurance companies are notorious for tricking people into accepting fewer benefits than what they are entitled to by law. Insurance companies use vague and ambiguous language to make you fall for their traps. Know your rights! Don’t let some insurance adjuster push you around and deprive you of what you of your deserved compensation.
Some of the insurance claims we can assist you with include:
Homeowners Insurance
Pet Insurance
Medical Insurance
Life Insurance
Bond Insurance
Business Insurance
Flood Insurance
Hurricane Insurance
Income Protection Insurance
Mortgage Insurance
Wage Insurance and more!
We are experienced Fort Lauderdale Insurance Litigation Attorneys! Call us today for your free no obligation consolation at 954-278-3290.

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