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There are many books written on the definition of negligence, and many more pages could be written trying to explain it in a complicated manner. In reality, it is not that complex. Simply put, negligence is defined as when a person fails to act like other reasonable people do, and through carelessness causes harm to others. Corporations, manufacturers and professionals are held to a standard which is established by the industry where they practice or perform.
As Fort Lauderdale Negligence Attorneys we know the Florida law on negligence inside and out so that we can represent our clients with upmost professionalism and confidence. As a victim of negligence it is important for you to understand your rights. Even though the concept of negligence itself is simple, the law surrounding it is very complex. There are important procedures and deadlines that you should be aware of. Our experienced and knowledgeable Fort Lauderdale Negligence Attorneys are here to stand by your side and represent you from start of your claim to the end of the trial if necessary. Our number one goal is to resolve your claim as quickly and as efficiently as possible. That means we will use all the available resources to get the relief you deserve without setting a foot in the courtroom. However, we are prepared and unafraid to go to trial in case your claim can not be settled in an amicable manner.
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